Installing Running Lights in Headlight
(R6 Specific)
(The running lights will flash alternately with turn signals with this mod)

**NEW: Updated parts and pictures have been added for a better setup and visibility!***

There have been updates to the original design. All 5-contacts of the relay are now used.

I also reverted back to the stock flasher to resolve a "stuck issue" with the new relays up front.
You can also purchase an adjustable one from

The following directions will show you how to install running lights in the headlight assembly of the Yamaha R6. This will also work for the Yamaha R1 (socket location will be different), and any other bike for that matter. The conversion instructions are meant for (2) single filament sockets, whereas the turn signal would only use 2 wires and the running light would only use 2 wires.

If you want to use dual filament sockets in either or both, or avoid having the running lights blink with the turn signals, make adjustments accordingly. If you need assistance, e-mail and I'll try to help.

Tools Needed:    1. Whatever tools that are required to remove the headlight
2. Wire connector crimper/ stripper
3. Rotary tool, such as a "Dremmel"
4. Drill
5. Set of drill bits from 1/16" to 1/2"
6. Awl or punch tool
7. Can of compressed air

Other Items:   

1. (2) Yamaha light sockets [5PW-84312-00-00] (Yamaha 03 R1)
NOTE: If you are having problems getting the Yamaha part from a dealer, please check a auto parts store that sells Blazer products. The Blazer part number you want is C455A. It comes with a socket and a lens, just ditch the lens. The socket is the .5" push in grommet type just like the Yamaha part.
NOTE: Also, an other option are the following Calterm sockets available at auto parts stores: 08598, 08593, or 08591. One of these should also fit the modification needs.
NOTE: The Old Yamaha Part [5FL-84312-00] for an R7 is no longer stocked by Yamaha.
2. (2) 194NA light bulbs
NOTE: It is better to use LED than the normal amber bulbs here. The best LED bulb on the market I found was made by JamStrait (
3. (2) Rolls of 18guage wire, one black, one another color
4. (2) Trailer wiring kit, 2-pole
5. (6) Quick splice connectors [tap-ins]
6. (12) In-line connectors [butt connectors]
7. (6) Male bullet connectors
8. (4) Female bullet connectors
9. (2) 5-prong relays
10. (2) 5-prong relay harnesses
11. Zip ties
12. Electrical tape
13. Shrink wrap (only if you have a heat gun, not needed, just to clean up connections
Numbers in (x) represent quantity.


Time: 3 - 10 hours

Cost: This varies a great deal, depending on sockets used and if you have most of the material around

Here are some pictures of the items if you are not sure about the description:
Bullet In-Line Quick-splice

Relay Harness
Trailer Harness


Yamaha 03 R1 Light Bulb Socket

*I have gotten VERY frustrated with RadioShack and thier part number/ product discontiunuation issues. I have found a source for the relays at

Headlight modifications:

Step 1 Remove the headlight from the motorcycle

Step 2 Locate the location for the running light, you will see dimples where they should be

Step 3 Use the rotary tool to smooth the dimple flush

Step 4 Use the awl or punch to mark the center of where you will drill

Step 5 Drill on the mark you made using the smallest bit you have. Once you drill that out, repeat this step a few times, using a few sizes larger drill bit each time, until you finish with the 1/2“ drill bit. (1/16, 7/64, 3/16, 5/16,1/2) Once you use the 1/2", you’ll need to over drill a bit, drill the edges a bit more, but not much. Clean up any burrs on the edge of hole and make sure it is smooth. Remove any debris from headlight using compressed air and a vacuum

Step 6 Repeat Steps 1-5 for the other side

Step 7 Check to make sure that your new Yamaha socket fits the holes you made. It should be snug and the lip should be completely in the hole to prevent moisture and not fall out. Make sure you do this with the bulbs in, or you may make the hole too small. When you take it back out, make sure the bulb has not been pushed out of the socket, if so, try again. If it still gets pushed out, drill the hole out a bit more. Once you’re happy with the fit, remove the sockets, you’ll need to modify them later

Wiring harness instructions

Step 1 Make ground wires
  1. Cut 3 black wires, about 10”
  2. Place a quick-splice 2” below one wire and attach another
  3. Place the second quick splice below the fist one, coming off the same wire
  4. On one side (the 2” single wire section) place a male bullet connector
  5. On the longest wire below the splices, place a female bullet connector
  6. Use electrical tape to seal up splices and end pieces

Step 2 Make signal wires
  1. Cut 2 ”color” wires, about 10”
  2. On one side, place a male bullet connector
  3. On the other, place a female bullet connector
  4. Repeat for other wire
  5. Use electrical tape to seal up connector ends

Step 3 Make relay connections
  1. Take the shortest black ground wire and attach to #86 (RED wire if using Radio Shack harness) using a butt connector
  2. Take one of the “color” signal wires (the one with the male bullet end) and attach to #85 (PURPLE wire if using Radio Shack harness) using a butt connector
  3. On the relay harness, place a male bullet connector on #30 (YELLOW wire if using Radio Shack harness)
  4. Take one side of the trailer wiring harness, attach one wire to the last ground wire using a butt connector, attach the other wire to #87A (WHITE wire if using Radio Shack harness) using a butt connector
  5. Take one of the “color” signal wires (the last one with the female bullet end) and attach to #87 (BLUE wire if using Radio Shack harness) using a butt connector
  6. Use electrical tape and seal up your connections

Step 4 Attach other trailer harness end to Yamaha socket
  1. Take the socket and snip off the harness ends
  2. Attach the trailer harness wires to the socket wires using butt connections
  3. Use electrical tape and seal up your connections
  4. You may need to adjust the wires on the socket, as show below (loop the wires back through the rear of the socket and down out the bottom)
  5. See "Step3a" on this the following for making the wire connections.

Step 5 Repeat steps 1-4 for the other side


Step 1 Re-install the headlight

Step 2 Install running light sockets in the headlight

Step 3 Plug in the left and right front signal connections to the harness you had made

Step 4 Plug in the running light connectors to your harness

Step 4a Relay mount location on the Yamaha YZF-R6
Bolt on location View of relay mounted
Optional washers used and bolt removed View of relay mounted

Step 5 Test to verify it works properly before riding
Running lights with lights off (unpluged headlight bulbs) Running lights with lights on
Notice when the turn signal bulb lights up, the running light goes off, looking like they are both blinking No flash (right side of picture shows new R1 sockets and Jamstrait LED Bulb, same in top two pictures)


Bottom view of relay

Wiring diagram

Relay Info