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I've had major problems with Texas Fairing (they now are called TXF Xtreme) getting me my undertail enclosure and hugger, here's the details from 2000....
  • It was ordered back on August 25th, the 28th my credit card was charged.
  • It's been over 50 days, and still no part.
  • They have never called me, I have always contacted them (over 25 times!), long distance and half hour hold times of course.
  • I even sent them a complaint letter stating that I would go to the BBB, FTC, and Attorney Generals of each state!
  • No one has contacted me to this day.
  • So I contacted the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney General of Texas, and the Attorney General of Minnesota.
  • Got E-mail from FTC stating that they would log the info and may look into the matter!
  • They really shipped me my parts! They shipped it 10/17 and it was here 10/18!
  • Waited till Saturday (10/21) to open and do anything with it. Hugger warped/scratched/chipped (maybe during shipping)! Rear enclosure signal lights don't work! Horrible directions! No license plate brackets or muffler mount for license plate shipped! AAARRRRRGGGG!!!! Have to call them Monday.
  • Spoke with Tim at TF. He is shipping the license plate mounts and new signals for me today (10/23).
  • Shipped hugger back 2-day UPS (10/23).
  • Checked tracking number for hugger, wasn't delivered, recipient moved!!!
  • Tacked down their new address (not from them, phone was busy all day), called UPS and gave them the new address. (10/25).
  • Called and asked where my parts were, given an Airborne tracking number. It didn't exist!!! Called back and was told Amber the shipping manager would call me tonight, never did (10/25).
  • Called (10/26) and given Airborne number 58171277452. It wasn't shipped until 10/25/!!!! Was supposed to have been sent 10/23!!!, was also sent to the wrong address (supposed to be my work address)
  • Called, was told Amber would call back.
  • Patty called me, said she couldn't accept order for $37.62. I told her that's what UPS charged me and that I would fax her the receipt. Then she said something about the UPS guy knows when they are there, I asked what does that matter, she then said I don't have a check to write, I asked then if they lied about being able to accept CODs and then she changed the subject again to complaining about the "rude" e-mail that I sent (was a standard complaint form letter) and that all the money that they have spent on this. I interrupted and said I didn't care, that's not my problem.. I've been trying to get this dealt with for well over 50 days now. I asked if she had read the log I sent along with the e-mail, she said no. She continued to argue. She then asked if I had received the replacement signals and license plate mounts today, I said yes, but they were shipped on Wednesday to me when they should have been sent Monday and that it was shipped to the wrong address and again told her that it should have been shipped to my work address and that I told both Tim and the other person (Casandra?) that. She then said that doesn't matter, I interrupted and said yes it does. She then said she would have Jon Hocker call me either today or tomorrow. I asked if it would be today, she said she couldn't guarantee it due to he has many meetings today.
  • Checked UPS tacking info for part that I sent back, said Receiver DID NOT Accept it! Does this mean that they now owe me $37.62 on top of everything!! We'll see.
  • Jon Hocker has still not called me back. I don't know if I have the patience to call them anymore.
  • My credit card company refunded me my money that I spent for the Enclosure and hugger, pending further investigation.
  • The Attorney Generals of Minnesota and Texas contacted me for further address information. The had both sent correspondence to the old address and the Postal Service did not forward due to no forwarding address. I contacted them both and gave them the new address. Something seems a little fishy here....
  • The BBB Fort Worth office sent me a letter stating that they have not gotten a response from Texas Fairing and will try for another 10 days.
  • Attorney General of Minnesota contacted me by phone. They were unable to resolve anything with Texas Fairing, as they also had gotten no response. They said there was nothing they could do
  • The Attorney General of Texas sent me a letter. It says that they have tried on several occasions to contact the business, but have not gotten an answer. They go on further to say that they must CLOSE THE FILE at this time, but the complaint will remain in their file for future reference. They also say that I may want to contact a private attorney to discuss legal remedies.
  • Apparently, if someone is having a complaint filed against them from a Attorney General, if they do not respond, they are not able to go any further!
  • Received a letter from the Better Business Bureau, Fort Worth office. They basically say the same thing that the AG's had said. After three failed attempts, they close the file.

PLEASE! If anyone has had any sort of problems with this company, take the time to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Federal Trade Commission, and the Texas Attorney General. If more complaints are filed, there is a possibility someone can take some sort of action and force TXF Xtreme, aka Texas Fairing to have a better business practice and better customer service.

Better Business Bureau
Fort Worth Office
(817) 332-7585

Attorney General of Texas
Dallas/ Fort Worth Office
(214) 969-7639
e-mail Denise Davis at

ASAP Texas Fairing (Prior Address and Name)
2648 Gravel Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76118
(817) 590-0988 (also try = Owner

TXF Xtreme (Latest Company name and Address)
1130 BlueMound Rd W
Suite 100
Haslet, TX 76052
(817) 439-4970

If you too have had any problems with TXF Extreme, aka Texas Fairing, PLEASE let me know. You may send an e-mail to phil@sportbikeguy.comand also submit your info via the form on the "Feedback" page (link in the Menu bar).