Turn signal - Trailer light convertor for dual brake light bikes

Tools Needed:    1.+ and - screw drivers.
2. Wire stripers and or side cutters.
3. Sodering iron, soder, wire ends and misc connectors.
4. A volt meter would also be helpful.
5. Whatever other tools required to get at your rear signals.


Time: 1 - 4 hours

~$15 - $40 USD for the trailer box and misc. items

The link below follows to a wiring diagram in PDF format that details the rear turn signal into the brake lights conversion using a trailer light converter, which can be found at any automotive store, Wal-Mart, and so on.

It involves removing the rear turn signals and integrating them into the rear brake lights, giving a sleeker, sharper look to the tail section of your bike.

Some useful tools would be sidecutters (wire stripper), a volt meter, electrical tape, shrink wrap and a heat gun, and some wire nuts.

This will only work on a bike with 2 rear brake lights!

*NOTE* There is a potential equipment violation with your local and or state enforcement. Check local laws before performing any sort of modification!

Click here for the instructions in PDF.

Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat reader, if not, click here.

If you have a bike with LED tail lights, such as the 2001 R6, you can't use the trailer kit. You need an integrator kit from the following:

M.D Wright, Inc.

Special Thanks To:
YamamaR6 - integrator for LED info, R6 Msg. Net
Misfit - wrote the PDF, Sportbikes.net
White Knight - admin, Sportbikes.net
Optimus_P - pictures of install, Sportbikes.net
Additional thanks to: