Polishing Your Rims

Items Needed:    1. Safety glasses
2. Latex gloves
3. Old coffee can or glass jar
4. Paintbrush
5. Nylon brush
6. Masking tape
7. Shop rags
8. Steel wool #1 (medium) and #0000 (super fine)
9. Paint stripper (methylene chloride)
10. Lacquer thiner
11. Clean terry cloths (for polishing)
11. Mother's Mag & Aluminium polish


Time: 36 to 96 hours

Cost: Just the cost of stripper, sandpaper, and steel wool.

These instructions are assuming that the wheels have been removed from the motorcycle and that the tires have been taken off. When using the paint stripper, be in a well ventialted area. It is also a good idea to work on a large piece of cardboard to keep rims from being scratched by the ground and to keep any chemicals off the ground as well.

Step 1 - Tape up the rim.

You'll want to tape up any places that you don't want to remove paint. You'll also want to tape up the center hub to prevent chemicals and debring from getting in there.

Step 2 - Brush it on.

You should take the paint stripper and pour some into the container that you set aside for it. Then, using the paint brush, begin brushing it on. Cover the entire area you want paint to be removed from.

CAUTION: wear your safety goggles and gloves until you finish the entire process.

Step 3 - Wait.

You'll need to wait the time specified on the paint stripper container, usually between one and two hours.

Step 4 - Remove the paint stripper and loose paint.

First, take the nylon brush and remove all the loose and flaking paint.
Second, take a clean rag and wipe off remaining pait stripper and loose paint. Make sure ALL stripper is gone!
Third, apply laquer thinner to a new clean rag and wipe residue off the rims left by the paint stripper.

Step 5 - Clean up the rims

First, take the medium (#1) steel wool and buff the rim to remove any left over paint and any defects on the rim.
Second, take the super fine (#0000) steel wool to smooth out any marks left by the previous steel wool buffing.

Step 6 - Polish by hand.

Just buff the rims now by hand using the Mother's polish.

Now you have a nice set of polished rims.

You have the option of now clear coating the rims, which may take away some of the luster or shine.

If you don't clearcoat them, you just have to spend a bit more time wiping them down. It's a good idea to buff them up about every one or two months using the Mother's polish.

Special Thanks To:
-badge767 on eSportbike.com for this How-To!