How to Deal with Moving Violations

aka Speeding Tickets


You should always fight a speeding ticket, no matter what. Try to get it knocked off, a lesser offense, etc. Knowing this, spend a lot of time reading information on avoiding and fighting the violations. Also, contact an attorney in your area, most give a free consultation and help you figure out what to do.

The following two sections are just my own opinions and ideas. If you just want the links on fighting tickets, just scroll down past my grumblings, or go HERE.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

I do not know of anyone who enjoys getting a speeding ticket. It is shear amazement on the amount of YOUR tax dollars states and local communities spend in trying to catch you speeding. It is also amazing the amount of money they make from this.

My simple understanding to the point of speeding tickets is for them to be a deterrent, to have you stop speeding and to slow down. Does it work? Sometimes with some people, but not most of us. The real deterrent is seeing the law enforcement vehicle or device, that is the real deterrent.

So, if the point is to slow you down, tickets do nothing, they are merely the consequence. The real deterrents are the enforcers of the speed laws. This BEGS the questions of:
  • Why has speeding become such a cat and mouse game?
  • Why do enforcers try to conceal their locations?
  • Why do enforcers conceal their identities by unmarked vehicles, non-standard vehicles, and hidden radar/ camera locations?
Does it not make more sense for these enforcement methods be obvious and visible if they are trying to get you to slow down? I would think so.

"Where's the fire?"

Just for examples, I'll use the State of Pennsylvania. The PA Turnpike (76) has actual side cuts that have been made to accommodate State Patrol vehicles to catch speeders. Deterrent? I think not. How will this deter you when you don't know they are there? Money making ponzi-scheme? I think so.

Here's an example of doing it right, to get you to stop speeding. Again I'll use the PA Turnpike (76). Unfortunately, this deterrent only works on people that use those evil radar detectors (end sarcasm). Since they want you to slow down entering, traveling through, and leaving construction areas, they use radar. It is they way they use it that makes sense to me. On the road side digital signs (the ones they can trailer behind a truck), they tell you of pending construction, information, and etc. Well, to slow those that have radar detectors (since many enforces view a radar detector as an automatic admission of guilt), they place a radar gun on each of these signs. They also place a patrol car at the beginning of the construction areas, in a visible location, to slow people down.

"License and registration please."

Ok, sorry for the preaching and complaining, here's what you came for: