Oil and Oil Filters:
What You Need to Know

The motorcycle oil debate rages on.
Do you use motorcycle specific oil?
Do you use non-energy conserving automotive oil?
Do you use a heavy duty oil?

Hopefully, the following information will help you make an educated decision on what you should do. Any one of the above mentioned questions is a possible answer, so lets take a look.

If you are a die hard "motorcycle oil" only user, take a look at the oil list page. I'll try to keep it as current as possible.
I would advise you to read the following information in Part 2 and Part 3 though. You may change your mind after reading it, if you are a die hard motorcycle oil only person.

The Wealth of Information! The following has information on oil, its additives, differences, filters, and more.

To begin reading the information, click this LINK.
The articles you will be interested are the following:
23. Gasoline Additive
25. How Does that Spin-Off Oil Filter Work
26. Motorcycle Oil
27. Oil Filter Alternative
A big thanks to the VFR user site for allowing linking to the information, and from Mike Guillory, a retired chemist and fellow rider for giving us the great info!

Additional info: