Here are just some extra info for R6 tweaks, mods, and other items. For some more, also check the "Mods" section for the R6.

Appearance and Mods Tweaks Service Parts Misc. R6 Specific Websites

The first place to check for these kind of things is the Yamaha Accessory Catalog. You'll find items like these there:

Appearance and other Squidly stuff:

Black and Gold tuning fork logo from the R7.
Yamaha part#: 5FL-2413b-00

Silver and Black tuning fork logo from the VMAX.
Yamaha part# :
Left: 1FK-21781-00-00
Right: 1FK-21782-00-00

Yamaha Blue color by the PPG Prophet Paint detector
**PPG Paint DBC4798**
One Pint Contains:
DMD646 - 19.5
DMD624 - 159.6
DMD658 - 226.3
PRL92 - 269.8
DBX689 - 531.7

Yamaha Blue Dupont Colors AM74 Blue Pearl 24.2
AM29 Light Blue 31.1
AM20 Violet 43.7
AM732 Medium White Pearl 48.3
XB155 M.S. Binder 98.0

1999 R1 Mirrors:

2000 R1 Mirrors:

2001 R1 Mirrors:

2001 R6 Mirrors:

2001 Tail conversion for 99-00 R6
Undertail section (with battery box) 5MT-8212B-00-00
Verify color of part number before ordering.
LED Tail Lights 5MT-84710-10-00
Conversion Braket (for tail section) 5MT-21611-00-P1
Battery (Gel type) GT9B4


Suspension Settings from Performance Bikes!

(Each is a link to a larger jpeg file, each being ~375kb)

***Thanks to Hooligan from the R6 Message Net and Performance Bike magazine.***

Serice parts:

Oil FIlters: (* denotes filter of choice)
*Perf-Form: J-503
K&N: KN-303
Emgo: 10-82232
Purolator: ML16817
Yamaha: 3FV-13440-00

Air Filters:
Yamaha: Y5EB-14451-00-00 (Filter Only if your cage comes apart)
Yamaha: Y5EB-14450-01-00 Entire filter and cage
(Note: Poeple drill out the rivets on the new filter cage to just replace only the filter element. Perform at your own risk!)

Fuel Filters:
Yamaha: Y4TV-24560-00-00
Emgo: 14-34482


R6 Speed and Track application - (2.95mb download) allows the ability to calculate speed based on the tire and sprocket changes. Also has the ability to store common used suspension setups for different tracks, etc. This thing is awsome! Thanks to Iain Hill (UK) for this great program.

R6 WinAmp skin by Mike Hunt (from

*Save to your ..\WinAmp\Skins\ folder.*

or R6MessageNet Background 1

or R6MessageNet Background 2
(800x600, Matrix'd Rear Section)

1999 R6 Collage

R6 Specific Websites: