Here is just some extra info for FZR600 tweaks, mods, and other items. For some more, also check the "Mods" section for the FZR600.
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Appearance and other Squidly stuff:

Yamaha Blue color by the PPG Prophet Paint detector
**PPG Paint DBC4798**
One Pint Contains:
DMD646 - 19.5
DMD624 - 159.6
DMD658 - 269.8
PRL92 - 269.8
DBX689 - 531.7


Swingarm Upgrade   
Replace the swingarm with one from a FZR400, it's lighter and a bit shorter. You get weight savings and with a shorter wheel base, fater turn-ins.

Front Suspension Upgrade   
Heft up the whimpy front forks by adding a fork brace and getting a Progressive Suspension upgrade kit.

Intake Upgrade   
The FZR gets a big boost from an intake upgrade, especialy if you have an aftermarket exhaust. Either a Stage 1, 2, or 3 jet kit will work well. Also modifying the airbox stacks (shortening 1 and 4) to even out airflow works excellent. If you are ambitious and are using a pod filter system, remove the ram air tubes, air box cover, and cut holes in the tank cover (where the dents are foe the handlebars) and place a mesh over the holes.

Serice parts:

Oil FIlters: (* denotes filter of choice)
*Yamaha: 3FV-13440-00
*Perf-From: J-503
Emgo: 10-82232
K&N: KN-303
Purolator: ML16817

FZR Specific Websites: